Baked Autumn Squash Falafel

I love falafel but on my present ‘no legumes’ regime I’ve missed them, so here’s my take on a paleo, gluten, grain and legume-free version with lots of veggie, nut and seed goodness! I have to say the texture is really good, very reminiscent of chick peas, and the flavour is….well, falafel-like! Serves 4-5 Ingredients  […]

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New seasons…..and fruit and nut bars

Well….thought I’d better keep you all up to date! I’ve just started a four year diploma functional medicine diploma in nutritional therapy at BCNH (here) in London-which is really exciting and challenging-and means I can’t give nutritional advice until I’m qualified! Hopefully this blog has never been about advice, more about my journey and maybe giving […]

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Energy…..and gingerbread

so… little mitochondria are working again. So much so that I want to exercise until it hurts….and that’s a feeling I’ve not had for 20 years-very weird. I really want to raise some funds for OHC. They have the opportunity of a clinical trial treating 120 CFS sufferers using the same protocols that have brought […]

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Gooseberry Streusel Cake

Gooseberries are here! (If you don’t like gooseberries you can make this with apples instead.) I love our British seasonal berries and this cake with its light sponge and piquant filling hits the spot! It would be great with cream as a dessert too. I like it slightly warm straight from the oven. Gooseberry Streusel […]

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Study……and scotch eggs

They’re in the oven! Can I write a post before they’re done?! Yes, I’m studying-chemistry and biology-so this is a break from fat metabolism. I realise that I left you in the lurch a few posts ago (those that are interested in the recovery journey anyway!). I’ve been treated by the Optimum Health Clinic since […]

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